Author: Jill Kimball

DAILY CAMERA: Colorado Shakespeare Festival’s 2016 lineup will include ‘plays that need to be seen’

For all his dramatic range and poetic insight, even the greatest playwright of the Western world has his greatest hits. From Shakespeare’s total catalog of 38 plays, certain titles come up again and again on stages across the world. Productions of “Macbeth” tend to be more common than stagings of “Titus Andronicus”; “Julius Caesar” is more likely to ring a bell with casual theatergoers than “Coriolanus.”

But popularity won’t be guiding the Colorado Shakespeare Festival‘s programming for its 2016 season. In the troupe’s continuing quest to complete Shakespeare’s entire dramatic cycle for the second time in its history by 2017, the creative brass at the CSF will delve into some of the more obscure corners of the Bard of Avon’s oeuvre.

Continue reading A.H. Goldstein’s season preview in the Daily Camera.

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