The Box Office will be closed Friday, March 31. Tickets are available online anytime.

Author: Becca Vaclavik

The Takács Quartet is coming to your living room

It’s no secret that securing a seat in Grusin Music Hall to witness the Grammy-winning Takács Quartet perform is one of the hottest tickets in town. It’s a gift to hear CU Boulder’s in-residence quartet play, as the group spends a great deal of its time traveling internationally to perform in the world’s most renowned classical music venues. Each year, subscriptions to the series sell out months in advance. That is, until now.

During the COVID-19 campus shutdown, the Takács continued their series for subscribers, recording and streaming each performance into the homes of ticket holders. And though in-person performances are set to resume this season, the streams are here to stay. For the first time, CU Presents is opening up digital-only single ticket access to the beloved series.

If you’re looking to dip your toes in the water of chamber music, Takács Quartet digital access presents the perfect opportunity. Harumi Rhodes, second violin, said: ”We’re particularly excited about our season’s opening concert. This opening program will include Janacek’s ‘Intimate Letters’—a piece which exposes the raw and nonsensical aspects of feverish love, a passion which often spins its truths out of its own obsession.”

Whether you choose to attend a single performance digitally or you’re a longtime loyalist, Rhodes says it’s simply good to be together again. “The Grusin stage here in Boulder is our musical home. More than ever, we can’t wait to share music together again.”

Takács Quartet performances are available to purchase and stream up to one week after the live events. Digital tickets start at $20. Access can be purchased at