New camera behind the stage in Grusin Music Hall (Dustin Rumsey)

Author: CU Presents Staff

Cameras and Captions Enhance Livestream Experience at CU Boulder’s College of Music

At the University of Colorado Boulder College of Music, we’re excited to announce upgrades to our livestream experience this academic year! Dedicated to advancing accessibility, inclusivity and a deeper connection between performers and audiences, the College of Music has invested in cutting-edge technology to elevate the virtual concert experience. Your unwavering support has made these modernizations possible and we can’t wait to continue on this extraordinary journey with you!

New Cameras Illuminate the Grusin Music Hall Stage

As the College of Music introduces state-of-the-art cameras in Grusin Music Hall, prepare to be immersed in the world of music like never before. Our new cameras have vastly improved image sensors resulting in a sharper image and improved clarity in a variety of lighting settings. Additionally, faster camera control allows operators to capture a closer view of what’s happening on stage—from the graceful arc of a violin bow to the commanding presence of a piano virtuoso.

Live Captions Offer Greater Accessibility, Inclusivity

Committed to ensuring that everyone can enjoy the magic of music, the College of Music is thrilled to offer live captions for all livestreamed events on Vimeo. This addition provides real-time captions that accompany performances, allowing patrons to engage with our music making more directly. Whether you’re a non-native English speaker, a person with hearing impairment or someone who simply prefers visual aids, new live captions seamlessly integrate into the livestream, fostering a more inclusive and enriching experience for all.

Mark Your Calendars for an Unforgettable Fall

As autumn leaves begin to turn and the air carries a hint of anticipation, we extend a heartfelt invitation to our patrons and supporters to join us for a diverse array of College of Music events—from soul-stirring symphonies and rousing recitals to livestreamed performances by the always popular and highly esteemed Takács Quartet. Be inspired by the distinct artistry that defines the CU Boulder College of Music.

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