The iconic Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre (Jennifer Koskinen)

Author: Laima Haley

What exactly is happening to the Mary Rippon Theatre?

A Q&A with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival team

This season, we heard a lot of questions and comments about the Mary Rippon Theatre renovation. Here’s the need-to-know information:

I love the beautiful, historic Rippon. Is it being torn down?

We love the Rippon too; it’s an iconic part of Boulder history! The historic seating, stage and building facades will still be the same ones you know and love. Basically, the familiar, beautiful features will remain unchanged, but better creature comforts will be available in the Hellems Building.

So what is changing?

This remodel is all about upgrading audience facilities in Hellems, including bathrooms, wheelchair access, concessions and lobby space. These changes were planned to benefit both CU Boulder students during the academic year and CSF patrons during the summer season (CSF was a key stakeholder in the design process from the beginning).

How long will the Rippon be closed, one or two years?

We’re hoping it will only take one year (crossing fingers), but it could take two summers depending on how long construction takes.

Is CSF shutting down during those one or two years?

Definitely not! For 2024 (and possibly 2025), we are planning seasons featuring two plays and an original practices production in the newly updated Roe Green Theatre (indoors). We have some great Shakespeare titles in the works. Stay tuned for our season announcement on Oct. 30!

Will I still be able to picnic even if the plays will be indoors?

Of course! Enjoying the outdoors is a big part of the CSF experience. You are very welcome to picnic in any of CU Boulder’s gorgeous outdoor locations.