Author: Sabine Kortals Stein

Senior House Manager Rojana Savoye named 2023 Chancellor’s Employee of the Year!

We’re proud and delighted that longtime Senior House Manager Rojana Savoye has been named the 2023 Chancellor’s Employee of the Year!

Savoye—who manages all front-of-house operations at Macky Auditorium and within the College of Music, including Artist Series, Takács Quartet, Eklund Opera and other College of Music performances—was nominated for the award by CU Presents Executive Director Joan Braun, Operations Director Andrew Metzroth and Box Office Manager Adrienne Havelka.

“For so many people in our community, Rojana is literally the face of the college when they attend our events—of which there are hundreds each year,” says College of Music Dean John Davis. “The moment they walk in the door to one of our venues, they see her—and she sees them. Her heart is so huge, she makes sure everyone feels attended to.

“Rojana is eager, willing and quick to solve problems, and we all love working with her. She’s so deserving of this award for her important role that is sometimes overlooked. I couldn’t be happier for her.”

Agrees Braun, “Rojana is a true professional and invaluable representative for the College of Music, CU Presents and the University of Colorado. She has worked in a tough job for over 20 years, and I have total respect and gratitude for her work.

“As the senior front-of-house manager for all College of Music and CU Presents events at Macky Auditorium, Grusin Music Hall, the Music Theatre and other venues in our Imig Music Building, Rojana acts as the primary PR representative for these entities as well as the University of Colorado in general. Not only does she provide invaluable service in solving problems, she is responsible for our patrons’ safety should there be a medical emergency, fire or other life-safety event.

“Rojana consistently goes above and beyond her duties in solving patron conflicts and enforcing the university’s safety policies. And she does it in such a way that there is learning rather than animosity as a result. As warm and kind as she is, she has a backbone of steel.”

“I am beyond humbled and honored,” says Savoye. “I’m part of the best team I could imagine working with, and my work is and always has been for the greater good. Receiving this award is so meaningful to me—I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the recognition.”

According to Metzroth, “It’s an honor to work with Rojana. Her job on campus is already very specialized, but her unique approach and unflappable character put her well above any other house manager I’ve worked with.

“Rojana’s mentorship and high standards have created a roster of compassionate and proactive employees. Her leadership has not only taught them how to be good ushers, but also how to take responsibility, troubleshoot problems with independence and analyze complex problems for the betterment of all parties. Many of these ushers have gone on to careers in other arts organizations including the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, the Colorado Symphony and more.”

Also noting that Savoye goes “above and beyond” in her role, Havelka further sheds light on Savoye’s active participation and engagement in the College of Music’s staff council: “Rojana regularly volunteers and contributes great ideas on what we can do for our staff. She is involved in almost all of our community and engagement events, and she regularly participates in extracurricular activities with both staff and faculty.

“Rojana has taken the time to get to know the staff and faculty at the College of Music and has created wonderful relationships. There isn’t one person at the College of Music who would speak poorly of Rojana. She is a woman of many talents and continually puts those to work.

“It’s staff members like Rojana who keep our department running, and her smiling face and great attitude keep people coming back to our events.”

Thank you, Rojana, and congratulations!