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Victor Quijada, choreographer and performer, founded the RUBBERBANDance Group (RBDG) to make it a channel for expressing and disseminating its choreographic identity by creating, among others, evocative and unpublished plays. The company, co-directed by interpreter Anne Plamondon, is responsible for creating, producing and distributing the work of Quijada nationally and internationally in the form of shows, films and special events.

With RBDG, Victor Quijada reconciles the aesthetics of the two poles of dance that inhabit him: the spontaneity, the risk, the temerity and audacity of his youth, while he was immersed in the hip-hop culture, and refinement And the choreographic maturity of ballet and contemporary dance, where he evolved as a professional dancer. The revolutionary character of the movement aesthetic created by Quijada is illustrated by a dozen years of research that have led to more than twelve creations. Impressed by the inherent independence of the street and a keen sense of direction, Quijada's choreographies explore human relationships by capturing the ardor of obsession, the brutality of violence, the delicacy of tenderness, Comedy and tragedy,

Carrying in him the sensitivity of street dancers, Victor Quijada seeks ways to integrate the spontaneity of hip-hop circles into the stage setting. He has explored various forums, made spontaneous representations and knocked down the barriers between performers and the public in innumerable ways. All this with the same objective: to avoid the format of the usual representations so that the public dances actively, rather than passively.

In addition to their stage and film creations, Victor Quijada and Anne Plamondon have developed a training program to prepare professional dancers for the demands of Quijada's choreographies. This program introduces the dancers to a hybrid movement influenced by the vocabularies of urban and contemporary dances, while emphasizing interpretation, decision making, the use of rhythmic variations and accompaniment. Workshops, lecture-demonstrations, question and answer sessions and school performances are also regularly offered as part of the tours.

RBDG also helps young choreographers who want to express their own voice. The Post Hip Hop Project, born in 2009 in the Cinquième Salle, invites young artists to work their creations under the mentorship of Victor Quijada and then present them to the public.

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