CSF CU Boulder Practicum – 2019 Season

The Colorado Shakespeare Festival, a professional theatre company in association with the University of Colorado Boulder, is accepting applications for CU students looking to fulfill their tech practicum course requirements. CSF is pleased to offer practicum opportunities for Scenery/Electrics, Costumes and Run Crew. All practicum credit hours earned will be accepted by the Department of Theatre & Dance as part of your academic requirements.

If you have interest in signing up for any of these classes please contact Jon Dunkle, CSF Production Manager, at j.dunkle@colorado.edu as well as Connie Lane, Instructor of record, at connie.lane@colorado.edu with a resume, schedule of availability and which practicum class(es) you would be interested in.

Schedule, of course, is flexible based on the mutual availability of student and CSF needs.

All hours should be fulfilled from May 21-July 7, 2019.

1 credit = 45 hours of work
2 credits = 90 hours of work
3 credits = 135 hours of work

The goal of this course is to provide hands on practical training to the students of CU Boulder while working with a professional theatre company along side working professional technicians, actors and managers.

Deadline for enrollment is May 1, 2019.