Special Collaboration: "Thank you," by Walter Hawkins

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Posted January 12, 2020: This year choir directors faced the same challenge: How do we stay connected through song during a pandemic? This project brings together several different schools from across the nation, including the University of Colorado Boulder, Elon University, Morehead State University and the University of Colorado Anschutz. These schools represent very different institutions—private, public and a medical campus—and students with varying musical backgrounds. Many students from these schools are pursuing degrees and careers in music. Others have demanding jobs in hospitals and sing in a choir for the joy it brings to their lives. We hope this brings as much joy and meaning to you as it did for us making it.

University of Colorado Boulder – Gregory Gentry, Director of Choral Studies
University of Colorado Anschutz – Jacqueline Pennell, Choir Director
Elon University – Stephen Futrell, Director of Choral Activities; Gerald Knight, Choral Music Education
Morehead University-Roosevelt Escalante Jr. – Assistant Director of Choral Activities

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