Term of Employment:  May 22-July 22
(some pre-season production work may be required)

The Colorado Shakespeare Festival, a professional theatre company in association with the University of Colorado Boulder, is accepting applications for summer staff positions. In general, all positions are seasonal non-exempt paid hourly. Housing is available at a weekly rate paid by employee – CSF will arrange accommodations with each employee prior to the start of the season.


  • Working in tandem with Costume Shop Manager and Costume Designers to produce vision of the designs.
  • Fabricates patterns through draping or flat pattern from designer renderings.
  • Cuts or supervises the cutting of all fabric for costumes from the pattern.
  • Attend fittings as necessary.
  • Leading alterations of pulled / bought pieces.
  • Overseeing a team of 5-6 people in the costume shop, delegating work to First Hands and Stitchers.
  • Collaborating with other departments as necessary.


  • Must have excellent personal time management skills and the ability to schedule others effectively.
  • Desired candidate needs a strong knowledge of costume construction techniques and costume history.
  • Professional experience is required.
  • Artistic sensibility and sensitivity, as well as strong collaborative skills.
  • The ideal candidate will have strong collaboration, communication and technical skills and be able to maintain high quality/standards and safe and supportive work environment while working on tight time line.
  • Teaching/mentoring experience.

All Applications Due By: Feb. 2, 2018
Please submit cover letter, resume with references to Adam Dill, CSF Costume Shop Manager at: adammichaeldill@gmail.com (No Phone Calls)