Pendulum New Music Ensemble (2019)

Pendulum New Music Ensemble (2019)

Jan 30, 2019

Pendulum New Music Ensemble (2019)

Faculty performers Harumi Rhodes, Matt Zalkind, Daniel Silver and Hsing-ay Hsu present Daniel Kellogg's Quartet. The Pendulum New Music Ensemble presents some of CU’s best performers from all departments, premiering original music of student composers and featuring a faculty or guest performance at every monthly concert. More info at

Featuring Harumi Rhodes, violin; David Requiro, cello; Daniel Silver, clarinet; and Hsing-ay Hsu, piano

Performance date and time: 

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 7:30 p.m.


Daniel Kellogg: "Kullervo Cursing"; Erik Christian Peterson: "Riot"; Dianna Link: "October Rain"; Brain Lambert: "Bildungsroman"; Max Wolpert: "String Quartet No.3, Lid un Tantsn"; Jordan M. Holloway: "Saxophone Sextet No. 1"

Featuring Harumi Rhodes, violin; Matt Zalkind, cello; Daniel Silver, clarinet; and Hsing-ay Hsu, piano

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