Henry VI, Part 3 (2017)

Henry VI, Part 3 (2017)

Aug 6-8, 2017

Henry VI, Part 3 (2017)

Fearless minds climb soonest unto crowns.

Original Practices Performances

Summer 2017’s hottest ticket is Henry VI, Part 3, the latest of CSF’s widely hailed “Original Practices” productions in the iconic Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre. With two performances of the final play in Shakespeare’s razor-sharp War of the Roses chronicle, which also inspired the hit series Game of Thrones, CSF is set to complete the Shakespeare canon for a second time. All previous “OP” shows sold out months in advance—don’t miss it!

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Henry VI, Part 3 Plot Synopsis

Following the Lancastrian defeat at the first Battle of St. Albans (at the end of Henry VI, Part 2), the Yorkists pursue the Lancastrians (King Henry and Queen Margaret) back to London. York claims the throne, and the ensuing argument is resolved with the agreement that Henry will remain king but that York and his sons will inherit upon Henry’s death. Upon the disinheritance of their prince, Margaret and the other Lancastrians abandon Henry and declare war on the Yorkists.

In the next battle, Margaret and Clifford capture York and taunt him before killing him. Margaret then forces Henry, once again king, to rescind his agreement with the Yorkists, which compels York’s son George Plantagenet to join his brothers Richard and Edward in fighting her. The Yorkists win the Battle of Towton and Clifford dies. Edward (York’s eldest son) is proclaimed king, and each of his brothers is given a dukedom, though Richard is dissatisfied.  

Warwick and Margaret each seek French aid, which Louis gives to Warwick and the Yorkists in exchange for his sister-in-law marrying Edward. However, Edward has fallen in love with the Widow Grey. In retaliation, Warwick swears loyalty to the Lancastrians and defeats the Yorkists with French troops. Edward is captured and Henry is again king.

With the aid of his brothers, Edward escapes, and in the next battle, Warwick is betrayed by George, leading to his death. Margaret arrives with another force from France, and the battle rages. Meanwhile, Henry laments the horrors of war and pressures of a crown. He is captured, and the Lancastrians are defeated in the Battle of Tewkesbury. Margaret’s son Edward is stabbed by the Plantagenet brothers, then Richard goes to London and kills Henry as well. Edward celebrates his new reign as king and the end of England’s civil war, unaware of Richard’s discontent.

—Hadley Kamminga-Peck, Dramaturg

News & Reviews

...the festival will feature two “Original Practices” performances of “Henry VI, Part 3,” shows designed to recreate the feel of Elizabethan-era stagings, with very little in the way of sets, lights and rehearsal time for the actors. ...[W]ith the its production of “Henry VI, Part 3” next summer, the CSF will have completed the complete canon of Shakespeare’s 38 plays for the second time.

A. H. Goldstein, Boulder Daily Camera

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Director; Lady Grey

Kelsey Didion

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Michael Bouchard

Earl of Northumberland

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Robert Sicular*

Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York; King Louis XI; Mayor of York

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Shelly Gaza*

Earl of Warwick

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Christopher Joel Onken*

King Henry VI

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Austin Terrell

Lord Clifford; Lady Bona; Watchman; Huntsman; Sir John Montgomery; Messenger

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Emelie O'Hara

Queen Margaret

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Kristofer Buxton

Keeper; Post; Lord Rivers; Messenger

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Ayla Sullivan

Prince Edward; Earl of Rutland; Watchmen; Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond; Messenger

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Blake Williams

Duke of Exeter; Tutor; Son; Keeper; Fourth Duke of Somerset; Messenger

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Artistic Team

Dramaturg and Prompter

Hadley Kamminga-Peck

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Stage Manager

Stacy R. Norwood*

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