Author: Sabine Kortals

Quicksilver Baroque Ensemble brings ‘drop-dead gorgeous’ music-making to Macky

Closing out CU Presents’ 2017-2018 Artist Series on April 20, the Quicksilver Baroque Ensemble brings to Macky Auditorium North America’s leading historically informed performers in “Stile Moderno,” a robust program that breathes new life into centuries-old soundscapes.

“Drop-dead gorgeous,” gushes Early Music America. “Rock stars within the early music scene,” The New York Times chimes in. With praise like that, local audiences are in for a treat when the seven-member, game-changing ensemble shines the spotlight on some pretty wonderful musical forays by Dario Castello, Massimiliano Neri, Johann Schmeltzer and other 17th-century composers.

“The 17th century is often called the ‘early modern period’ by historians, a useful term that reminds us what a transformative moment this was in Western cultural history,” writes co-director and violinist Robert Mealy in his program notes.

Indeed, the 1600s are when Europe became modern: new technologies emerged, our modern economic system was developing and cultural revolutions included “stile moderno”—purposefully “modern” music replete with dramatic oppositions and vivid emotional statements, in stark contrast to the smooth tapestry of renaissance polyphony.

Join us for this colorful, evocative selection of rare gems in which renaissance themes are propelled back and forth among players. Performers include Mealy and Julie Andrijeski, violins and co-directors; David Morris, viola da gamba; Greg Ingles, trombone; Dominic Teresi, dulcian; Avi Stein, harpsichord and organ; and Charles Weaver, guitar and lute.