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Support a vibrant future for music

With our top-tier, comprehensive education in music and access to a world-class university, the College of Music produces the strongest musicians, offering the best performance opportunities and encouraging our students to excel in their musicianship and their studies. Our trendsetting initiatives—like the Entrepreneurship Center for Music and the Musicians’ Wellness Program—are ensuring students are prepared to shape the future of music and culture as well as craft their own fulfilling career in the 21st century. Our outstanding performance opportunities keep the University of Colorado Boulder and our community culture vibrant and connected to the world.

The reasons to give are many and varied, and often quite personal. Your life may have been changed by the power of music to bring grace and perspective to how you live. You may have discovered that your musical training—the discipline, focus and poise it engendered—prepared you in a unique way to succeed in whatever you choose to do. You may have attended a performance that has stuck with you over the years.

You may wish to make a gift that provides scholarship support, repaying the financial assistance that may have helped you to graduate. Or you may wish to honor a teacher who made an important difference in your life, or a loved one you wish to remember. Perhaps you wish to contribute to the CU Foundation because your years here were some of the best of your life and helped set the course for your career.

Whatever the reason, the College of Music’s Advancement Office will assist you in achieving your giving objectives. They can provide you with the information you need to direct your gift in the manner most meaningful to you. Any gifts made to support the College of Music through the CU Foundation, the designated recipient of private support on behalf of the university, may be tax deductible.

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