Advisory Boards

Artist Series

The Artist Series Advisory Board assists the Executive Director and her staff through community outreach, idea exchange and fund raising. Our goal is to connect the finest talent to the broadest possible audience at each Artist Series performance.

Gil Berman
Donalee Brown
Shirley Carnahan
Mike Gallucci
Alan Halpern
Daryl James
Maryann Jaross
Reiland Rabaka
Erika Randall
GReg Silvus, Chair
Norma Sierra
Ellen Taxman
Ann Yost

Colorado Shakespeare Festival

CSF Advisory Board

Micah Abram
Margot Crowe
Brian Curtiss
Jeanne Fetterman
Pam Hartman
Patty Hauptman
Lin Hawkins
Chris Jensen
Jeffrey Kash
Robert Keatinge
Marcus Martin
Dan Mones
Eric Wallace
Robert Wester, Chair
Kate Wilson

CSF Executive Committee

Erika Randall, Chair
Sarah Adderholt
Joan McLean Braun
Bud Coleman
Wendy Franz
David Glimp
Amy Lavens
Catherine Shea (ex officio)

Music Advisory Board

The Music Advisory Board’s mission is to advocate for and support the College of Music and its students, faculty, alumni, programs and staff. The MAB works closely with the Dean and members of the College of Music Advancement team to support development opportunities and objectives for the College of Music.


John Davis


Lynn Streeter

Current Advisors

Sue Baer
Howard Bernstein
Dave Bowers
Bob Bunting
Jan Burton
Bob Charles
Marty Coffin Evans
Paul Eklund
Jonathan Fox
Dave Fulker
Grace Gamm
Laurie Hathorn
Doree Hickman
Daryl James
Maria Johnson
Barbara Miller
Ben Nelson
Susan Olenwine
Rudy Perez
Mikhy Ritter
Becky Roser
Firuzeh Saidi
Jeannie Thompson
Jack Walker
Celia Waterhouse