CU Presents Staff

Joan McLean Braun

Executive Director, CU Presents & Assistant Dean for Concerts and Communications, College of Music

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Laima Haley

Marketing and PR Director

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Daniel Leonard

Marketing Manager

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Jill Kimball

Public Relations Manager

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Sabrina Green

Publications Specialist

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Jessie Bauters

Assistant Director of Communications and Web Administrator

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Andrew Metzroth

Operations Director

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Michael Casey

Box Office Services Coordinator

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Elise Campbell

Box Office Manager

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Colorado Shakespeare Festival Staff

Timothy Orr

Producing Artistic Director

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Wendy Franz

Managing Director

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Kurt Mehlenbacher

Operations Manager

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Amanda Giguere

Director of Outreach

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Heidi Schmidt

Outreach Marketing & Grants Coordinator

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Jarid Sumner

Production Manager

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Advancement Staff

Courtney Rowe

Interim Assistant Dean for Advancement

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Jeni M. Webster

Program Manager

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Katie Hayes

Senior Events Manager

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Madison Munn

Program Manager for Strategy and Stewardship

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Meagan Mahlberg

Alumni Coordinator

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Ashley Harkrader

Associate Director of Development

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Emily Chesnic

Development Assistant

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Macky Auditorium Staff

Rudy Betancourt

Director of Macky Auditiorium

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Rojana Savoye

House Manager

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