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Icons identify CU Presents non-academic series and are, with few exceptions, used with the CU Presents and CU Boulder logos. Full color, reverse, one-color (black) and white icons, and standalone dots are shown here.

Artist Series

Takács Quartet

Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Icon variations

Every icon has a vertical and horizontal orientation.

Usage guidelines


Alterations to icons are never allowed. Please always use provided artwork.


  • Minimum space clearance between icons and any other graphic asset should be half the width (vertical orientation) or half the height (horizontal orientation) of the icon present in your piece.
  • When used with the CU Boulder logo, the height of the CU lockup takes precedence as the minimum space clearance.
  • See Layout Examples for more details.

Color modes

The all-black and all-white icons should be used only in situations where grayscale or one-color is the permitted color mode.


  • Icons shouldn’t conflict with CU Presents or CU Boulder logos.
  • Icon placement should be consistent across all pieces in a category (all postcards, all programs, etc).
  • If using more than one icon in a piece, all should be the same size and orientation.
  • See Layout Examples for more details.


  • The minimum size for all icons is .5” width (vertical orientation) or .5” height (horizontal orientation).
  • Standalone dots may be as small as .25” in diameter for print—please use a solid-color dot for smaller dimensions.
  • Icon sizes should be consistent across all pieces in a category.

Standalone dot

The standalone dot should be used sparingly, only in full color and only as needed.